Company Profile


1991:  NJ Chemicals was established.

2006:  Name changed to Shine Everyday Products.

2014:  Shine Everyday Products was purchased by Duan Sadie and Shuan Sadie.

Presently:  A wide range of over 50 cleaning products are manufactured, packed in house, and distributed to over 500 customers.

Many of our products are Phenol Free, Bio-degradable and SANS 1828, SABS approved.

At Shine, we are proud of every product that leaves our factory, and we know that only our quality beats the price.



To accurately understand the trends and forces that will shape the business in the future and to effectively address all future business challenges.  Expand the business and to ensure sustainability.


Management intend to be responsible citizens that make a tangible difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.


Strive to become a sought after “brand” and product of choice selected by individuals, corporate customers and government agencies.

The business will strive to provide the highest quality products at reasonable prices.  Our mission is to work cooperatively with customers to ensure they receive the highest quality and services that will appeal to a broad cross section of the existing and potential customers.

The business wishes to create employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged persons, while developing their skills and raising their awareness of their respective creative abilities.


To provide our customers with excellent products and services that meets all their expectations in addition to ensuring that we create a sense of worth and dignity for all the Corporation workers as well as to create a sustainable and profitable business.


The business aims to not only provide to the Western Cape, but to be able to provide a comprehensive range of products and services throughout the Northern and Southern Cape provinces to actively increase its geographic footprint.  The major focus of the applicants is to increase the historic and current level of sales and volumes.


The business employs “first time” job seekers between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age. Successful candidates will then undergo a formal mentoring program to develop their skills.